Failed Alaska Governor Bill Walker Finally Admits That He’s A Democrat

Alaska Governor Bill Walker appears no longer able to hide the fact that he’s really a Democrat.

This past Friday, Walker announced that he will be running for re-election in the Democrat primary.

Walker has long used his status as an “Independent” to distance himself from the unpopular Democrat brand in Alaska and raise his national profile.

But, this label was little more than a cover for his true allegiances. In 2010, Walker supported the Democrat nominee for governor and, in 2014, he made their nominee his running mate. In exchange for proving his loyalty, Alaska Democrat leaders strongly supported his candidacy.

Since taking office, Walker has held his side of the bargain, completely embracing the Democrat agenda of higher taxes and massive deficits. The results speak for themselves, as Alaska remains in an economic “crisis” with the highest unemployment and lowest wage growth out of any state in the country.

Alaskans deserve better than another four years of Walker’s failed Democrat policies.