FACT CHECK: Wisconsin Dem Gov Candidate Dana Wachs Misleads On Jobs Numbers In Attempt To Bolster His Desperate Campaign

Desperate to stand out in a field of underwhelming second and third-choice Democrat candidates for governor, Dana Wachs continues to distort the facts to prop up his lackluster candidacy. Yesterday, Wachs tweeted out cherry-picked stats to attack Governor Walker’s record on jobs. But as he has done in the past, Wachs ignored the indisputable progress Governor Walker has made just so he could further his own political ambitions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate has fallen from 8% in January 2011 when Governor Walker took office to 3.4% this October, well below the national average. The state’s labor force has also expanded to a record high under Governor Walker with over 3 million Wisconsinites employed for the first time ever. Meanwhile the number of unemployed people in Wisconsin has fallen from almost a quarter of a million to less than 108,000 under Governor Walker:

This isn’t the first time Wachs has tried to mislead voters about Governor Walker’s record of results. In October he was caught only seeking information on the “risks” associated with Governor Walker’s deal with Foxconn Technology Group that promises to create 13,000 new jobs in Wisconsin, in hopes of discrediting the deal to further his political ambitions.

Now Wachs appears to be cherry-picking job statistics to bolster his phony talking points. But no matter how much Wachs tries to distort the facts, the truth is that more people in Wisconsin are working than ever thanks to Governor Walker’s pro-growth, pro-jobs policies as job growth continues to break records. While Wachs stands in the way of progress for his own political gain, Wisconsin voters see how unfit he is to lead their state.