FACT CHECK: Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham Deliberately Misleads New Mexico Voters In New TV Ad

New Mexico Democrat gubernatorial nominee Michelle Lujan Grisham continues to prove that voters just can’t trust her.

Only a few weeks ago, Politico revealed that Lujan Grisham failed to properly disclose her income from her company that raked in millions off of questionable government contracts and sick patients.

Now, Lujan Grisham may have hit a new low, releasing a deceptive ad that makes flat out misleading claims about her record on opioids.

Here are just three examples:

Misleading On Overdoses: In the ad, Lujan Grisham claims that overdoses went down during her tenure as New Mexico Secretary of Health. But, according to the state’s own data, both opioid overdose deaths and drug overdose deaths drastically increased during her tenure.

Misleading On Police Funding: Lujan Grisham takes credit for getting “New Mexico millions of dollars for police training” in 2015. But, that same year, Lujan Grisham fought to prevent the Albuquerque Police Department from using a training facility that local officials called “a much-needed resource.”

Misleading On Fighting Drug Companies: Lujan Grisham claims she’ll stand up to the drug companies. But, over the course of her career, Lujan Grisham has received $65,700 from the pharmaceutical industry.

At a time when countless New Mexicans are suffering from the scourge of the opioid epidemic, Lujan Grisham is trying to score political points by misleading voters on the issue. New Mexico voters can’t trust her.