FACT CHECK: Dem Gov Gina Raimondo Misleads Voters On Rhode Island Economy

After two years on the job with no proven results, failed Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo is committed to misleading voters on jobs and the economy. While making remarks at a Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce event this week, Raimondo attempted to distort the effect her failed policies have had on the state’s economy.


CLAIM: “Our economy is doing fine, that’s a lot of jobs, we’re basically at full employment.” (VIDEO)

FACT: The Providence Journal reported on March 23 that Rhode Island’s labor force remains over 22,00 behind peak employment in 2006. One prominent economist described recent trends as a “train wreck.”

“Nevertheless, the labor force remains 22,443 workers smaller than during the state’s peak employment period, in December 2006 …That decline remains troubling — University of Rhode Island economics Prof. Leonard Lardaro characterizes it as a ‘train wreck…”

CLAIM: “We have really improved our business climate and we’re starting to see the results.” (VIDEO)

FACT: In its most recent rankings of the best and worst states for business, CNBCranked Rhode Island as the WORST state in the nation for business, and even dropped during Raimondo’s tenure, falling from 48th in 2016 to 50th in 2016. Rhode Island was also ranked as one of the worst states in America for business by more than Chief Executive Magazine and FORBES.


CLAIM: “In the time that I’ve been governor, I have focused, as you know, on creating jobs.” (VIDEO)

FACT: Raimondo talks a big game on job creation, but she’s all talk and no action. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Rhode Island’s labor force has declined as a whole since Gina Raimondo took office in 2015, as the state’s economy continues to struggle to catch up.

Rhode Island has serious problems that needs serious leadership to solve. It’s clear that Raimondo is committed to hiding the facts instead of moving Rhode Island in the right direction.