FACT CHECK: Andrew Gillum Can’t Keep His Story Straight On FBI and Lobbyist Gift Scandals

Democrat Andrew Gillum continues to deceive Florida voters about the numerous scandals and investigations looming over him.

In an interview on Monday, Gillum claimed that his “story hasn’t changed one time” on his New York City trip with a lobbyist and an undercover FBI agent “because when you tell the truth you don’t need to change your story.”

But Gillum’s statement appears to be an admission of guilt since his story on this trip has been remarkably inconsistent and contradictory.

Here is a brief timeline of Gillum’s constantly changing story on his New York City trip:

August 25, 2017: Gillum claims he has “no knowledge of” the Hamilton show.

January 2018: Gillum says he “never took anything that I did not pay for myself.”

August 31, 2018: Gillum finally admits he attended the show Hamilton and didn’t pay for the ticket, but claims that his brother received the ticket from lobbyist Adam Corey in exchange for a ticket to a Jay-Z concert.

September 1, 2018: Gillum’s campaign tells The New York Times that his brother paid for his New York City hotel room.

October 21, 2018: During a CNN debate, when pressed on his New York City trip, Gillum changes his story, once again claiming that he “pays for his own vacations” and “didn’t get anything…for free.”

October 23, 2018: The Tallahassee Democrat releases text messages between lobbyist Adam Corey and Gillum, where he is explicitly told that an out-of-town developer, who unbeknownst to Gillum was an undercover FBI agent, has “tickets for us for Hamilton,” and Gillum responds, “Awesome news about Hamilton.”

October 23, 2018: The same text messages show that Adam Corey – not Gillum’s brother – arranged for his New York City hotel room.