Extreme partisan Janet Mills at it again

Photo credit: Nick Woodward, Maine Public

It turns out Governor Mills’ call to Democrats in the state legislature to reach a bipartisan agreement on the spending of more than a billion dollars in federal funds was just more phony political talk.

Instead, Mills, for the second time this year, pulled off an extreme partisan move described by the Maine press corps as a “power play” and signed into law a simple majority budget instead of a bipartisan compromise.

Saying one thing and doing the opposite — that’s extreme partisan Janet Mills for ya.

“Janet Mills had the opportunity to force state legislators to work together for the good of the people of Maine, but instead chose to go along with Democrats’ extreme partisan ‘power play,'” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. “What happened to Mills’ pledge to govern in ‘a strictly non-partisan and non-political fashion beats me, but you can guarantee she will be held accountable by voters at the ballot box for her broken promise.”