EXPOSED: Records Reveal Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown “Struggled” To Find Small Businesses She Helped

There was already clear evidence that tax-hiking Democrat Governor Kate Brown cared little for small businesses. Now a stunning investigative report from The Oregonian has revealed that Brown only cares for small businesses as long as they can produce photo ops to boost her image, and has been ineffective at actually helping small businesses thrive.

In April, Brown signed into law a massive $1 billion small business tax hike, and then subsequently tried to roll back a small portion of that tax hike as a distraction.

The Oregonian reported that their records requests reveal that Brown “struggled to find small businesses that would benefit from her tax cut plan.” Brown’s administration “wanted examples of people who would get a boost” from her tax plan.

“Not having a ton of luck” finding a small business that would benefit from Brown’s tax plan, one top Brown adviser wrote in an e-mail. Another shared that “other than micro businesses, I am having a difficult time thinking of matches.”

The Oregonian ​found that “the emails…reveal that the potential beneficiaries of the tax policy had little role in advocating for it.”

This report makes clear that Brown never advocated for, or advanced small business interests, and only cared about small businesses as long as they could provide her political cover for her disastrous tax hikes. Oregon needs a new Governor like Knute Buehler, who understands the importance of small businesses in helping make the American dream a reality for the next generation.