Evers won’t help with the crisis at the border

Photo credit: State Journal

26 Republican governors requested a meeting with President Biden on the deteriorating situation at the southern border, asking that he respond and take action within 15 days…..17 days ago. Biden completely ignored this request from over half of the nation’s governors, prompting several of them to visit the border yesterday to see the humanitarian and national security crisis for themselves.

Just like Biden, Governor Evers continues to act like everything is fine and dandy at the southern border, even though illegal crossings are up 500% from last year and fentanyl is flowing into communities.

Color me shocked:

  • One of Evers’ first actions as governor was to pull National Guard troops from the border, saying there was no evidence of a crisis.
  • Evers refused calls from state lawmakers just a few months ago to utilize his resources and send National Guard troops to help the overwhelmed border patrol agents.

“There is a massive humanitarian and security crisis at the border, and the state of Wisconsin has plenty of resources available that would go a long way in assisting the overwhelmed border patrol agents,” said RGA Spokesperson Maddie Anderson. “Evers’ refusal to send National Guard troops to the border — or to even acknowledge there is a crisis at all — is dereliction of duty from a state’s top official. It’s clear that Evers will not stray from his Democrat party boss Joe Biden, even when a crisis demands it.”