Evers turns a blind eye as border crisis rages

Photo credit: State Journal

It’s no secret that there is a massive crisis at the border, with illegal crossings up nearly 500% since last year. 26 Republican governors are taking action and are urging the Biden Administration to meet with them to discuss a plan to end the crisis.

Governor Tony Evers refused calls from state lawmakers just a few months ago to utilize his resources and send National Guard troops to help the overwhelmed border patrol agents.

This is unsurprising from Evers — one of his first actions as governor was to pull National Guard troops from the border after he was sworn in in 2019, saying there was no evidence of a crisis.

“Governor Evers has resources available to him that would go a long way in helping our overwhelmed border patrol agents as the crisis at our southern border rages on,” said RGA Spokesperson Maddie Anderson. “His refusal to step in and help is a theme in his administration: Evers was slow to act as businesses burned to the ground in Kenosha, and now he turns a blind eye to the massive security and humanitarian crisis at the border. Evers must put politics aside and join governors across the country in putting an end to this crisis.”