Evers still silent on federal vaccine mandate

Photo credit: State Journal

It’s been four long days since President Joe Biden announced his new vaccine mandate for small businesses across the country. Governor Tony Evers — the top official of the state of Wisconsin — has said nothing, an all too familiar trend of silence and inactivity from the state’s “leader.”

Even radical liberal J.B. Pritzker in neighboring Illinois said, “At the moment I don’t have a plan for us to do that…”

“It is completely unacceptable for the Governor of Wisconsin to not speak out about Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandate that will crush small businesses,” said RGA Spokesperson Maddie Anderson. “This new mandate will spurn job loss across Wisconsin, just as businesses are beginning to rebound from the overburdensome COVID restrictions that Tony Evers placed on them for a year. If Evers is going to enforce this mandate, Wisconsinites need to know ASAP so that business owners and employees can prepare. His silence in the face of economic uncertainty is irresponsible from the top official of the state.”