Evers: “radical” for parents to be involved in education

Photo credit: State Journal

Self-proclaimed “education governor” Tony Evers wants to ignore the children stuck in the underperforming Milwaukee school system – probably out of fear his political benefactors with teachers’ unions might get upset.

Republican candidates for governor proposed that the Milwaukee school district be broken up into smaller districts to better serve students by allowing teachers to spend more time working with them. Under Governor Evers’ leadership, Milwaukee students and parents have been subject to shutdowns, learning loss, and students getting lost in the system.

Evers rejected this proposal by bizarrely suggesting that Republicans want to allow students to have loaded guns in schools.

A group of Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin are also proposing a Parental Bill of Rights that allows for transparency in education. Evers said he would veto the legislation, calling it radical.

“There is nothing radical about parents wanting more choice and transparency when it comes to their child’s education, and it’s a shame Governor Tony Evers thinks so,” said RGA Spokeswoman Maddie Anderson. “If Evers is going to market himself as an education guru, he needs to read the room and realize that parents aren’t going anywhere, and neither is this issue. He will be held accountable by parents across Wisconsin come Election Day.”