Evers gives WI schools permission to teach CRT

Photo credit: State Journal

Governor Tony Evers just vetoed a bill that would have barred Wisconsin schools from teaching divisive Critical Race Theory curriculum to students — a measure that both the State Assembly and Senate passed.

One has to wonder if Evers realizes that Virginia just elected a Republican governor, in part due to Democrats’ tone-deaf approach to education and Critical Race Theory. Biden won Virginia by ten points. Biden won Wisconsin by less than one point.

“Governor Evers is one of the most endangered incumbent governors in the country,” said RGA Spokeswoman Maddie Anderson. “His continued embrace of woke leftist policies — like Critical Race Theory — is baffling. This reckless veto will only embolden the radical teachers unions and create further division in schools. Evers may bill himself as the ‘education governor’, but he clearly isn’t paying attention to those that fund the schools he claims to care about: the tax-paying parents. Evers will soon come to find out that his disregard for Wisconsin parents is to his own detriment.”