Evers admin hit with a D+ on WI roads

Photo credit: State Journal

Governor Tony Evers promised voters that he would fix Wisconsin’s roads when he first ran in 2018. In fact, he attacked Scott Walker aggressively over the issue.

October 2018Tony Evers tells transportation forum he will make roads a top priority

The American Society of Civil Engineers is out with their 2020 Wisconsin Infrastructure Report Card, and it’s bad news for Evers. He earned a D+ on his “top priority” — Wisconsin’s roads. 

ASCE noted that more than one-third of the state’s 115,000 miles of roads are in “fair or below condition and deterioration is likely to continue” and that “deficient roads cost drivers $6 billion annually due to wear and tear on vehicles.” — page 68 of the report.

“Tony Evers’ campaign promise to fix Wisconsin roads has failed miserably, earning him a near-failing grade,” said RGA Spokesperson Maddie Anderson. “He’s a liberal who talks a big game yet is unable to follow through and deliver for his constituents time and time again. Evers failed at his ‘top priority’ – and his inability to deliver is a primary reason he will be voted out next fall.”