Even Rhode Island Democrats Are Slamming Dem Gov Gina Raimondo For Abusing Her Authority

In Rhode Island, Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo’s attempt to pass her signature “free” college proposal continues to face multiple roadblocks and hurdles, even from her own party. Weeks after Raimondo’s initiative was gutted to a fraction of her intended scale by Democrat state legislators, Rhode Island Democrat leaders are now refusing to fund any of the proposal and slamming the governor of their own Party for abusing her authority.

The Providence Journal reports:

“But asked about the legality of what Raimondo is vowing to do, Mattiello said: ‘The Governor does not have the authority to do what she suggests, which is why she proposed this legislation to begin with.

‘If the Senate would approve the negotiated budget, which the Senate Finance Committee recommended for passage, the Governor wouldn’t be contemplating enacting this program without the authority to do so.’”

Even with roughly half a million dollars in campaign ads spent by the Democratic Governors Association to support Raimondo’s proposal, and a national media campaign by her own office, Raimondo can’t even get members of her own party on the same page. With a stagnant state economy, a paralyzed legislature, and no concrete accomplishments, Gina Raimondo has proven to the people of Rhode Island that she simply can’t get the job done as governor.