Even The New York Times Thinks Colorado Dem Gov Candidates Have Moved Very Far-Left

Even The New York Times thinks that the Colorado Democrat gubernatorial candidates are running to the extreme “far left” of their party.

According to a new report, these leading candidates, Jared Polis, Cary Kennedy, and Mike Johnston, have all rejected their state’s traditionally moderate politics in favor of the extreme far-left. Despite Colorado being “famously tax adverse” and overwhelmingly rejecting single payer in 2016, Polis, Kennedy, and Johnston, are all running on massive tax hikes and government control of health care. On top of that, they are all embracing anti-energy policies in a state where the oil and gas industry plays a critical role supporting jobs.

If even The New York Times thinks that these candidates have gone off the deep end, then just imagine how their radical politics are going to play with swing voters in November.

The New York Times reports:

“Single-payer health care. An all-renewable electric grid. State-funded full-day preschool.

But Mr. Polis, 43, is attempting a win in a state whose east and west flanks run deep red, home to influential conservative organizations like Focus on the Family; a powerful fossil fuel industry; and a faction so fervently pro-Trump that in the last election it splintered from the Republican establishment to form a group called the Mesa County Deplorables.

Portions of the state are famously tax averse, and in 2016, even as the majority of voters favored Hillary Clinton, the proposal for single-payer health care failed miserably at the ballot. Four of the last five governors have been Democrats, but moderates have long charted the state’s course.

‘It’s worse than moving blue,’ said Jon Caldara, who leads the Independence Institute, a Denver-based libertarian think tank. ‘We’re turning into California.”