Empty Rhetoric? Colorado Dem Gov Candidate Jared Polis Admits His Energy Proposals Are Not “Serious”

Desperate to stand out in a primary racing to the left, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis has made moving towards 100% renewable energy in Colorado by 2040 a central plank of his campaign. He even claimed this policy would create 70,000 jobs, “save consumers 10% on energy costs, and significantly reduce healthcare costs.”

But when confronted with an actual study ripping apart his claims by finding that his plan would cost an astronomical $45 billion, Polis tried to distance himself from his own campaign pledge, even admitting there are no “serious proposals” to achieve it.

Polis is playing games with voters: he seeks to appease his base with pie-in-the-sky promises without taking accountability for the consequences of his radical policies. How can Coloradans trust Jared Polis to stand up for them, when he can’t even stand behind his own campaign proposals? Colorado voters deserve better.