What Else Is Michelle Lujan Grisham Hiding From New Mexico Voters?

The slow drip keeps coming on New Mexico Democrat gubernatorial nominee Michelle Lujan Grisham’s high-risk health insurance scandal.

In recent weeks, Politico reported that Lujan Grisham’s company raked in millions off of questionable government contracts and seriously ill patients, raising questions about to what extent she exploited her political position to pad her own pockets. Making matter worse, Lujan Grisham then failed to properly disclose her income from that company.

Now, according to a report in the Albuquerque Journal, Lujan Grisham’s high-risk pool is refusing to turn over state audits that could shed greater light on the controversial program.

As New Mexicans learn more about Lujan Grisham’s political insider dealings, it becomes clearer that she’s just another Bill Richardson-style politician whose only out for herself. New Mexicans deserve better.

Albuquerque Journal reports:

“New Mexico’s high-risk insurance pool, which has come under scrutiny in recent weeks for the political ties of its administrators, has refused to turn over its annual financial audits to the state Auditor’s Office for approval, arguing it does not meet the definition of a state agency.

Delta Consulting, a health care consulting company that Democratic gubernatorial nominee Michelle Lujan Grisham co-founded in 2008, has repeatedly landed contracts to help run the high-risk insurance pool.”