Editorial Boards Blast Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown For Ignoring Foster Care Crisis

Oregon’s foster care children are facing a crisis, with some children nearly starved to death and a new report outlining systemic failings in the state’s foster care system – but Democrat Governor Kate Brown is acting as if nothing objectionable is going on.

Now, editorial boards across Oregon are slamming Kate Brown for her weak response to the foster care crisis, blasting her lack of leadership and decision to attack the report as partisan, rather than help Oregon’s kids.

The Bend Bulletin editorial board calls it “a question of priorities.”

The thousands of children in Oregon’s foster care system desperately need help, but the eyes of state leaders and most legislators are focused elsewhere.

The Oregonian editorial board goes even further, writing that,

This yearlong, deep dive into a troubled agency was appalling, especially for an agency responsible for children.

Yet Gov. Kate Brown and state lawmakers aren’t acting like it.

…Lawmakers who meet sporadically – this year for just 35 days – aren’t the ones who can consistently ride this issue. That’s Gov. Kate Brown’s job and foster children need more than her “support” to get that done. They need her leadership.

But Brown’s office appears too busy deflecting the audit’s results.

Oregon children deserve a champion, and Kate Brown has proven that she’s either unwilling or unable to lead.