Ed Boards Blast Absentee Democrat Gov Jay Inslee For Campaigning on the Taxpayer’s Dime

Washington State’s absentee Democrat Governor Jay Inslee may be polling at less than one percent in his long-shot 2020 presidential primary bid, but his vanity campaign is proving costly to taxpayers and drawing the ire of the people who elected him.

Two home state editorial boards are calling on him to quit billing his constituents for the costs of his campaign.

The News Tribune excoriated Inslee on its editorial pages yesterday for expecting Washington residents to foot the bill for his security detail as he travels around the country:

Washington taxpayers shouldn’t have to pick up the cost of his security detail while he barnstorms around America — a cost that could nearly double under the proposed Washington State Patrol budget.

They also note that this isn’t the first time taxpayers have been on the hook for Inslee’s political travel:

Last year, Washington taxpayers footed Inslee’s $400,000 extracurricular security bill while he chaired the Democratic Governors Association, a national post for which he traveled often, allowing him to test the presidential waters.

Enough is enough, governor. Use some of the money you’re raising from super PACs, and give the people back home a break.

The Yakima Herald Editorial Board made the same ask of Inslee in an April 2nd editorial, but warned taxpayers not to hold their breath:

It’s doubtful the Democratic-controlled Legislature will make Inslee’s campaign cough up money to cover security services. And it shouldn’t have to. Inslee’s campaign trips only tangentially (at best) involve state business, so it’s only fair his campaign come forth and pay up.

And pointed to a key messaging problem that Green New Deal-linked Democrats like Inslee and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are having as they travel the country:

And, while he’s at it, maybe Inslee could contribute some “carbon offsets” to deal with all that carbon dioxide his air travel spews in order for him to spread his climate-change message.

It’s clear that Inslee has a lot to answer for to voters back home (on the off chance he doesn’t end up in the White House, that is)…

“Jay Inslee continues to show an alarming disregard for his day job as he seeks the national spotlight, and the taxpayers are taking note,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “The people of Washington deserve better than an absentee governor who forces them to foot the bill for his job search.”