DRIP-DRIP: After He’s Caught Changing His Story, What Else Is Andrew Gillum Hiding From Florida Voters?

Only one week into the general election, corruption and ethical questions continue to surround Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum’s campaign for governor.

After weeks of stonewalling, Gillum finally released a few of his receipts from trips with lobbyists and undercover FBI agents to New York and Costa Rica that are currently under investigation by the Florida Commission on Ethics.

But the receipts are already forcing Gillum to change his story about the trips, making it clear that he’s been misleading voters for months. Although Gillum has long maintained that he “never took anything that I did not pay for myself,” he is now admitting that he never paid for his tickets to Hamilton, his New York City hotel room, or his New York City boat ride.

On top of these blatant contradictions, the receipts were “more remarkable for what it didn’t include” and offered “little in the way of concrete evidence regarding who paid for key elements of the travel.”

Here are some of the known expenses from Gillum’s trips that he’s still refusing to produce receipts for:

  • Tickets to the Broadway show Hamilton
  • $1,400 per night Costa Rica resort room
  • Airfare to New York City
  • New York City Boat ride with lobbyists and undercover FBI agents
  • New York City hotel room
  • Food and drink expenses for the New York trip

Gillum promised his receipts would “end questions about the trips,” but they’re only proving that he’s been misleading voters, while raising more questions about what he’s hiding. Floridians deserve answers.