Dr. Fauci “Almost Want(s) To Clone” Governor Henry McMaster’s COVID-19 Response

As Governor Henry McMaster guides South Carolina through a responsible reopening while continuing to combat COVID-19, his leadership is earning recognition from America’s top infectious disease expert.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is looking to the Palmetto State as a model for COVID-19 response efforts, noting that he would “almost want to clone” the state’s response during a Senate health committee meeting Tuesday, and stating that South Carolina has “put things in place that I think would optimize your capability of reopening.”

Guided by his “accelerateSC” economic advisory team, Governor McMaster has taken early action supported by public health data to begin lifting restrictions in phases. He allowed his “Work-or-Home” order to become voluntary on May 4th, allowing restaurants to begin outdoor service among other socially-distanced reopening measures.

Retail businesses, beaches, public boating docks, and conditional indoor dining have since been given the green light to continue getting South Carolinians safely back to work.

This expert praise for Governor McMaster’s bold and innovative leadership underscores Republican governors’ efforts to protect public health while promoting an economic resurgence in their states.