DOUBLING DOWN: Kansas Dem Laura Kelly Isn’t Sorry

Photo credit: Charlie Riedel, Associated Press

Yesterday, in an interview with Topeka’s WIBW, Democrat Governor Laura Kelly defended her choice to skip the Kansas law enforcement memorial ceremony, but what she didn’t do is say she’s sorry she missed it.

Kelly – who became the first governor in 10 years to skip the annual ceremony honoring Kansas’ fallen officers – offered no apologies for missing the event in order to attend a Democratic Governors Association conference in New Mexico. Instead, Kelly doubled down and offered nuances to justify why the “policy” trip was prioritized over honoring the seven deceased Kansas law enforcement officers who were added to the memorial.

“Yesterday Laura Kelly had an opportunity to show contrition for choosing to prioritize Democratic political donors over Kansas’ fallen law enforcement officers, and instead she defended her choice to be the first governor in ten years not to attend,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “This isn’t a political gaffe or a scheduling conflict, it is a slap in the face for the law enforcement community that works to keep Kansans safe as well as the loved ones who support them.”