Divided: New Poll Shows Liberal Politician James Smith Losing To Phil Noble and “Someone Else” In South Carolina Dem Gov Primary

After spending weeks touting endorsements around the state, trying to establish himself as the Democrat gubernatorial frontrunner, Liberal Politician James Smith is failing to catch fire among South Carolina Democrats. A new poll shows Smith not only trailing perennial candidate Phil Noble by over five points, but also receiving less support than “someone else” among voters.

Despite his attempts to clear the field by hyping endorsements from his political allies, Smith finds himself already trailing as South Carolina Democrats appear highly unenthusiastic about his candidacy. And with Noble continuing his repeated attacks on Smith, labeling him as a political insider, Democrats appear to be headed for a long, combative primary as their lackluster candidates remain divided.

The Post & Courier reports:

“On the Democratic side there’s also a surprise as Charleston businessman Phil Noble, who has never held office, is the leading candidate over long-time state lawmaker James Smith of Columbia, according to the poll.

The results were compiled by The Trafalgar Group pollsters…

SC Governor’s Race – Democrat Primary

Phil Noble 25.47%

James Smith 20.38%

Someone else 20.61%

Undecided 33.54%”