DGA Picks Rhode Island’s Gina Raimondo, The Least Transparent Governor In America, As New Vice Chair

The Democratic Governors Association announced this morning that Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo, the most vulnerable Democrat incumbent running in 2018, was selected as the new DGA Vice Chair. With Raimondo’s approval rating dropping to an all-time low in recent polls amid glaring issues with transparency and her weak performance as governor, her new position will only further highlight her abundance of failures while in office.

Despite Raimondo’s pledge to make her administration the “most transparent” in Rhode Island’s history, she has proven to be the least transparent governor in America, constantly misleading Rhode Island’s press corps about the details of her out-of-state fundraisers. With Raimondo’s new job as DGA Vice Chair, which will include traveling around the country to fundraise for Democrat candidates, this problem is only going to get worse for her.

Under Raimondo, Rhode Island’s economy has remained stagnant, consistently ranking in the bottom ten states for business with “anemic” job growth that her staff has tried and failed to cover up with phony numbers. Rhode Island has also been plagued by numerous scandals on Raimondo’s watch, notably involving the state’s child welfare agency with disturbing reports of neglect and worse by its workers after Raimondo appointed unqualified leadership.

While Raimondo faces growing criticism for her lack of transparency, growing scandals, and failed performance on the economy, her new position with the DGA will only further highlight the multitude of problems that continue to drag the state down. Rhode Island voters deserve better.