Desperate Virginia Democrats Turn To Clinton Bagman Terry McAuliffe As Scandals Wipe Out Their Party Leadership

With their top statewide leaders disgraced by scandals ranging from racist behavior to assault allegations and their party in a complete state of disarray, Virginia Democrats’ recruitment efforts are getting desperate.

Politico reports that former governor and longtime Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe’s name is now being tossed around by party leaders as a candidate for the 2021 gubernatorial race, while embattled Democrat Governor Ralph Northam continues to refuse to resign following revelations of his disturbing history of racism. With Virginia’s Democrat lieutenant governor and attorney general also facing scandals of their own, Democrats in the Commonwealth are now forced to turn to McAuliffe.

The fact that Virginia Democrats are turning to McAuliffe as a less scandalous option shows just how far the party has fallen. Notorious for insider dealing and cronyism, McAuliffe was investigated by the FBI in 2016 for questionable campaign donations and was  a member of the board of the infamous Clinton Foundation. McAuliffe’s long history with the Clintons has raised ethical questions going back to the 1990s that he has never given real answers for, and he was dogged by issues involving his personal conduct – including bragging about leaving his crying wife and child to attend a Democratic Party fundraiser – during his 2013 campaign, which he won by just two points.

“It’s pretty telling that Democrats are so devoid of leadership after Governor Northam, Lieutenant Governor Fairfax and Attorney General Herring disgraced the Commonwealth that they are turning to Terry McAuliffe, who had zero accomplishments as Governor and is best known for being a Clinton insider, as their best hope for 2021,” said RGA Executive Director Dave Rexrode. “Virginia is in dire need of a governor who will restore the public trust, and Terry McAuliffe is just about the last person on earth able to do that.”