Democrats’ Thanksgiving Tax

Photo credit: Dale Young

Get ready for the most expensive Thanksgiving in Michigan history. From the turkey to flour and sugar, Joe Biden’s big-government spending plan, egged on by Gretchen Whitmer, has driven up the price of everything on the dinner table.

The “good news” doesn’t stop there though, getting to dinner is 66 percent more expensive than last year too, with gas prices skyrocketing across the Great Lakes State.

“Joe Biden’s and Gretchen Whitmer’s socialist spending spree have unleashed record inflation that continues to hurt Michiganders and drive up the cost of living for working class families,” said RGA Spokesperson Chris Gustafson. “With supply chain issues sure to disrupt Christmas too, Biden’s and Whitmer’s attack on the holiday season is just getting started.”

Labor shortages, inflation, rising demand take toll on Michigan’s Thanksgiving
The Detroit News
Breana Noble and Candice Williams

Michiganians should expect to pay more for Thanksgiving dinner this year as labor shortages, inflation and other supply-chain issues lead to increasing prices at the grocery store.

The COVID-19 pandemic shrunk many festivities last year. Now, challenges with finding food processing workers and truck drivers is increasing costs for grocery stores and squelching inventory in some cases. Federal stimulus and additional child tax credits have contributed to a growing money supply and increased inflation.

“Prices are going up on flour and sugar,” said Craig Mangold, store director at Holiday Market in Royal Oak. “Everything is going up.”

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