Democrat Worries Grow Over Lack Of Enthusiasm In Kentucky Gov Primary

While Kentucky Democrats are set to choose their gubernatorial nominee on Tuesday, the party’s lack of enthusiasm has become a growing concern with three lackluster candidates competing in their primary.
Politico reports that Democrats are seeing a noticeable lack of energy among primary voters, with one former Democrat officeholder claiming “I don’t see a whole lot of Democratic enthusiasm, period,” and that they’ve “never seen anything quieter” than the current primary. Politico also noted Democrat losses in Kentucky over recent years that have “sapped energy from the party,” weakening its chances of victory in November.
“With Democrats forced to put their hopes on three out-of-touch career politicians committed to reversing Kentucky’s progress, it’s no surprise that their party’s voters aren’t excited about this year’s gubernatorial race,” said RGA Deputy Communications Director John Burke. “Kentuckians have seen the clear positive results of Governor Matt Bevin’s pro-jobs policies and they know that Adam Edelen, Andy Beshear, and Rocky Adkins would only take the commonwealth backwards if elected.”