Democrat-Led States Own Highest Gas Prices in the Country

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This weekend, gas prices shattered records in Democrat-led states that continue to have the highest prices in the country. The new data comes just days after 25 Republican governors called on the White House to reverse energy policies that have kneecapped America’s domestic energy production. Experts say the rising cost of gas is related to the effect Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has on foreign oil supplies the Biden Administration has come to rely on.

As reported by USA Today per AAA, nine out of the top ten states with the most expensive average costs of gas per gallon are all Democrat-led including:

  • California ($5.28)
  • Hawaii ($4.69)
  • Nevada ($4.52)
  • Oregon ($4.46)
  • Washington ($4.40)
  • Illinois ($4.26)
  • Connecticut ($4.21)
  • New York ($4.20)
  • Pennsylvania ($4.17)

And, nine out of the top ten states with the lowest average costs of gas per gallon are all Republican-led including:

  • Missouri ($3.63)
  • Oklahoma ($3.65)
  • Arkansas ($3.69)
  • South Dakota ($3.70)
  • Iowa ($3.72)
  • Texas ($3.73)
  • Nebraska ($3.73)
  • North Dakota ($3.73)
  • Wyoming ($3.74)

“Democrat governors are silent as more than two dozen Republican governors have called on Joe Biden to restore American energy independence and ease the burdens felt by every hard working American family,” said RGA Communications Director Jesse Hunt. “Amid record high inflation, the last thing American families need is even higher costs at the pump due to Democrat incompetence at home and now abroad. Voters are quickly finding out, if they hadn’t already, that life under Democrat control in their states is completely unaffordable.”