Democrat Gov Kelly Vetoes Most Bills in 17 Years

Photo by: John Hanna

Kansas’ Democrat Governor Laura Kelly isn’t playing well with others. A new report from McClatchy last night shows Kelly has been eager to use her veto pen to dismiss the legislature’s work:
“Kelly has rejected eight non-budget bills this year, more than any Kansas governor in the past 17 years.

“On Monday, she added to her streak, vetoing 18 provisions in the proposed budget. They include items that would give legislative committees more power over allocation of federal relief funds and ban use of state dollars to enforce mask mandates.”

“Democrat Laura Kelly is determined to ignore the mandate Kansas voters gave their state representatives last year when they re-elected Republican supermajorities to both chambers in the legislature,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Kelly’s use of the veto more times than any other governor in nearly two decades is a desperate attempt to force her liberal agenda on the people of Kansas, and it practically guarantees she’ll be rejected by voters next year.”