Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards Slammed For Chasing Businesses Out Of Louisiana

Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards’ tax-hiking agenda continues to hurt working families across Louisiana as he drives businesses out of the state.

In a new column for The Advocate, Dan Fagan slams Edwards for imposing massive tax increases while Louisiana’s economy continues to lag behind the rest of the country. Fagan notes that Edwards has “signed more than two dozen new laws or executive orders impacting taxes paid by small and large Louisiana companies,” with more than $3 billion in total new business taxes.

While Louisiana ranks as the worst state to find a job in the nation as Edwards has increased business taxes at a higher rate than any state in the country, it’s clear that his liberal agenda has failed to deliver for working families.

Dan Fagan writes for The Advocate:

“State and local governments in Louisiana increased taxes on businesses 12.5 percent between fiscal year 2016 to fiscal year 2017. That’s more than double the percentage increase during that time compared to any other state. This is according to a report by the London firm, Ernst & Young.

The 12.5 percent increase in taxes on Louisiana businesses is six times higher than the national average

‘Income taxes, franchise taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes, no element of the Louisiana business tax code has been left untouched since 2015 in an effort to boost collections. And still, the tax code is arguably the most complicated it has ever been,’ said Camille Conaway, senior vice president of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry.

LABI reports that since Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, took office in January 2016, he’s signed more than two dozen new laws or executive orders impacting taxes paid by small and large Louisiana companies. LABI claims taxes on companies have gone up more than $3 billion…

The Washington-based Tax Foundation ranked Louisiana 44th among the states in ability to attract and retain business, 36th for its corporate tax, 32nd for its individual income tax, 50th for its sales tax and 32nd for its property tax.”

These numbers don’t lie – Louisiana can’t afford another term of John Bel Edwards’ tax-hiking policies.