Dem Gov Tom Wolf Pushes $2 Billion Tax Hike As Pennsylvania’s Fiscal Standing Worsens

As Pennsylvania’s fiscal crisis worsens, embattled Democrat Governor Tom Wolf is more concerned with passing a massive $2 billion tax hike than protecting his constituents.

Instead of making reasonable cuts to balance the budget or pushing pro-growth policies, Wolf is threatening to slash funding to schools and 911 services on September 15th unless he gets his way.

“Pennsylvanians are going to get hurt,” said Wolf, if he does not sign a tax hike into law.

He’s taking a page out of his budget impasse playbook – hold the state hostage for a tax hike no matter the consequences. It’s just another example of Tom Wolf’s failed leadership.

The Associated Press reports:

“Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf warned Tuesday that Pennsylvanians will “get hurt” if state lawmakers do not pass a revenue package to balance a nearly $32 billion budget bill they approved more than two months ago.

Wolf also said his decision day is Sept. 15, when he will have to start freezing some spending to prevent the state’s main bank account from going below zero.

… Freezing spending could affect roads, schools, emergency response systems and volunteer fire companies, Wolf warned.

‘If the money isn’t there to pay for those things, then Pennsylvanians are going to get hurt,’ Wolf said.

Wolf’s comments came as a group of rank-and-file House Republicans presented a plan in a Capitol news conference that they said would fill a $2.2 billion projected deficit, largely by diverting cash from off-budget programs. House GOP leaders did not attend, although a spokesman said they support the plan.”