Dem Gov Kate Brown Pushes Tax Increases On Oregon Small Businesses and Consumers – Again

With a looming $1.7 billion budget hole, failed Democrat governor Kate Brown is putting forward a new plan to dramatically raise income and sales taxes on Oregon businesses.  A new editorial in the Bend Bulletin calls the proposal “a bad deal all around,” comparing it to Measure 97, the 2016 ballot measure to raise sales taxes on Oregon businesses that was rejected by voters. But even after the people of Oregon voted against her tax hikes last fall, Kate Brown is still trying to impose her job-killing agenda as she acts as the “lobbyist-in-chief” for the Democrat tax hike.

The Statesman Journal reports:

“So, Sen. Mark Hass, D-Beaverton, and House Speaker Tina Kotek proposed boosting the corporate income tax for one year — from 6.6 percent to 8 percent on the first $1 million, and from 7.6 percent to 9 percent on additional income — to make the state budget whole and then adopt a gross receipts tax starting as soon as 2019.

Brown appears to have been lobbyist-in-chief on the tax proposal…

Brown said she’s met with nearly every legislator and with most of the freshmen twice.”

Under Kate Brown’s governorship, Oregon continues to plummet in national business rankings and fall further behind economically. As Brown tries to address the state’s massive budget problems through tax hikes that have already been rejected by the people of Oregon, she further shows how woefully out-of-touch her administration is.