Dem Gov Gina Raimondo Grilled By NBC Providence For Attacks On Rhode Island Media: “Do You Believe What You Said?”

After she was forced to apologize for attacking Rhode Island media outlets, commenting she “can’t rely” on them for accurate coverage, Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo tried to perform damage control during an interview with NBC Providence on a weekly segment she likened to “a fight” in her comments just days ago at Brown University.

After Raimondo reiterated her apology, she was pressed on if she actually believed what she said. Raimondo responded “no,” and proceeded to disavow all of her attacks that she was so sure of just days before, completing a full 180. Raimondo also denied that she said she “can’t rely” on the Providence Journal for accurate news, despite being caught on video saying exactly that.

Raimondo is clearly only apologizing due to the wave of criticism she took across Rhode Island for attacking her home state’s press corps. Raimondo’s botched attempt at damage control only raises further questions for a politician with serious image problems, 13 months away from Election Day.