Dem Gov Candidate Chris King Slams Florida Dems For Lacking “Fresh Perspective”

As Florida’s Democrat gubernatorial candidates struggle to raise money and gain traction, they are increasingly growing frustrated. In a recent interview, Chris King argued that his Democrat primary rivals Gwen Graham, Phillip Levine, and Andrew Gillum, lack a  “fresh perspective.” King also suggested that if Democrats nominate a candidate who fails to offer a “fresh, compelling vision for the future,” voters will look to a Republican candidate or a potential Independent candidate. It appears even Democrats are beginning to recognize the weakness of their field and are quickly starting to write off their chances of victory in next year’s gubernatorial election.

The Tampa Bay Times reports:

Q. Spell out what makes you the strongest candidate in a field that includes Graham, Levine and Andrew Gillum.

A. We need a fresh perspective and a new direction for the state of Florida.

I’m the only candidate who has never held office, and I think that stands out in how I have approached this race.

I’ve had a structured and disciplined approach to analyzing the condition of our state, understanding the root causes underneath some of our toughest challenges and exploring ways of solving them.

This has been on display in our debates. I’m not bogged down by conventional thinking that says “you can’t do this” and “you can’t do that…”

…But it’s our job as Democrats to offer a fresh, compelling vision of the future that appeals to a broad cross section of Floridians.

If we do that, voters won’t feel they need to look elsewhere.

If we fail to be bold, if we fail to show a new direction, if we fail to meet the moment, we’ll be leaving a lot of votes behind for someone else, be they Republican or non-party.