After Declaring Self-Funding Is “Wrong,” Wisconsin Dem Gov Candidate Andy Gronik Self-Funds His Campaign

Despite claiming that he wouldn’t rely on personal wealth to fund his gubernatorial campaign, Andy Gronik appears to have gone back on his word to Wisconsin voters. The Associated Press reports that out of the $554,000 Gronik raised, $450,000 came from his own funds, making his campaign almost completely reliant on his own personal donations:

Gronik’s decision to self-fund his campaign directly contradicts statements he made back in July, in which he stated unequivocally that “self-funding political campaigns is wrong” as it “makes you your own special interest” while asserting that he would not rely on his own wealth to further his candidacy. Gronik’s shameless flip-flop on self-funding shows a breathtaking level of hypocrisy and proves to Wisconsin voters that they can’t trust his words.