DEBATE: Youngkin offers path forward for Virginia while McAuliffe repeats lies

In tonight’s final debate of the general election, Glenn Youngkin offered a clear vision for restoring excellence in education, cutting taxes, funding the police, and getting Virginia’s economy moving again. Terry McAuliffe simply repeated more lies.

Watch the highlights here…

WATCH: Youngkin offers a clear vision for the Commonwealth of Virginia

Youngkin: “Over the last eight years Virginia has seen itself fall behind, seriously behind. Schools failing, murder rate rising, cost of living skyrocketing and our economy and job machines stalling. We can fix this. On day one I will cut taxes. I’ll eliminate the grocery tax saving Virginians $1,500 in year one. We will reestablish excellence in schools, investing in teachers and facilities and charter schools. We’ll fully fund police. We’ll reinvigorate the job machine, creating 400,000 jobs.”

WATCH: Youngkin takes McAuliffe to task on the murder rate going up 43% under his governorship

Youngkin: “Over the course of the last 20 years we’ve watched our murder rate hit an all-time high. Mr. McAuliffe doesn’t seem to care because the murder rate went up 43% when he was governor and the rape rate went up every year. Law enforcement has universally supported me.”

WATCH: Youngkin slams McAuliffe for refusing to criticize Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan pullout

Youngkin: “Let’s just start with what we saw happen in Afghanistan. We saw an abject failure of leadership from Joe Biden. He abandoned our military, he abandoned American citizens, he abandoned our allies and he abandoned Afghans who had gone shoulder to shoulder with us trying to make a way forward. I think that we in fact have to recognize what failed leadership looks like and the fact that Terry McAuliffe ascribes to all of this.”