DEBATE: Massachusetts can’t afford Maura Healey

Photo Credit: Getty Images

In tonight’s final televised debate, GOP nominee Geoff Diehl reminded voters of progressive Democrat Maura Healey’s real plans, or lack thereof, for the Commonwealth looking for solutions to the affordability crisis, crumbling infrastructure, a stifled economy, and the lack of school choice.

Here are a few highlights:

On the lack of affordability: Diehl delivered his clear and attainable plan to encourage development of affordable housing and restore excellence to the job market, while reminding voters of Healey’s radical energy policies that would significantly increase heating costs.

On taxes: Diehl reminded voters of Healey’s support for ballot Question One that would increase taxes and drive capital and people out of the state.

On education: While Healey’s record proves she would eliminate school choice in the state, Diehl made his priorities clear on ensuring every student receives the best education for their unique needs.

“Once again Maura Healey beat around the bush and failed to offer a decisive plan for how she would address the biggest issues facing the Bay State,” said RGA Spokeswoman Kaitlin Price. “Voters looking for a leader with real solutions have a clear choice in Geoff Diehl.”