DEBATE: Kemp and his trusted record dominate

In tonight’s Georgia gubernatorial debate, Stacey Abrams’ plans to bring Biden’s policies to Georgia were no match for Governor Brian Kemp’s trusted record. On every issue — from law enforcement, the economy, inflation, education, and more — Kemp is on the side of Georgia families. Stacey Abrams is simply using Georgia voters as a launching pad for her incoming campaign for president.

Watch the highlights here…

Kemp slams Abrams for lying to Georgia voters about the state’s voting laws:


Kemp: “I would just say that Ms. Abrams is going to do a lot of attacking of my record tonight because she doesn’t want to talk about her own record…Just this past May in our primaries we again had record turnout in the Republican primary and the Democratic primary. In Georgia it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat. 

Kemp asked Abrams how many Georgia sheriffs have endorsed her campaign for governor…the answer was zero:


Kemp: “I support safety and justice. But Ms. Abrams refused to answer the question, so I’ll let you know that the answer is zero. No sheriffs are endorsing her statewide because of her stances on wanting to defund the police, eliminate cash bail, and serving on the boards of organizations like the Marguerite Casey Foundation that supports and gives grants to organizations that are promoting the defund the police movement.”

Kemp commits to continue to fight to lower Democrat-caused inflation for Georgia families, and reminds voters of Abrams’ close ties to Joe Biden:


Kemp: “But in the future, my focus is going to be what it was when I opened the debate. And that is helping you fight through 40-year high inflation and disastrous policies in Washington D.C. I will remind you that Stacey Abrams campaigned to be Joe Biden’s running mate. She supports these policies that have raised taxes on hardworking Americans and Georgians when they promised they would not.”

Kemp concludes the debate by telling voters why Georgia is the best place to live, work, and raise a family:


Kemp: “I’m so optimistic about the future of our state. The lowest unemployment rate in the history of the state. The most people working and economic opportunity in all parts of our state, no matter your zip code or neighborhood. Stacey Abrams said Georgia is the worst state in the country to live in. Well, Marty, the girls and I disagree. We think Georgia is the greatest state in the country to live, work, and raise our children and that’s why I’m asking for your vote to keep it that way.