Dan Malloy’s Connecticut Has 15,000 Pages Of Regulations On The Books

Under failed governor Dan Malloy, Connecticut has not only been ranked 45th on economic freedom by the Cato Institute and the 43rd best place to do business by CNBC, but it has imposed increasingly steep regulations on its working citizens. A new report by Connecticut’s Yankee Institute for Public Policy revealed that Malloy’s Connecticut has over 15,000 pages of regulations currently on the books, 10 times more than the novel War and Peace, including over 1,000 pages on the tax code alone:

“Collected under 54 numbered titles and a whole mess of alphanumeric subtitles, their total measure is about 15,000 pages. For reference, that’s the equivalent of War and Peace about ten times over.

The tax code clocks in as the single longest title, at 1,026 pages, it’s so complex that even the examples included for clarity would make most people’s eyes glaze over. In addition to the complexities of figuring out what one owes in the first place, businesses and individuals then have to wade through a mess of exemptions, deductions, and credits for everything from traffic reduction plans to animated film production to blood plasma.”

With more regulations under Dan Malloy than 10 Leo Tolstoy novels combined, it is no surprise that Connecticut added zero jobs in 2016. As Dan Malloy’s failures continue to pile up for the Nutmeg State, it is clearer than ever that a new direction is needed in Hartford.