Daily Astorian Endorses Knute Buehler For Governor: “We Urge A Vote For Buehler To Lead Oregon”

The Daily Astorian is endorsing Republican Knute Buehler for Oregon governor, writing that Oregon “can’t wait any longer” for leadership on issues that have been ignored.

“Kate Brown has spent 25 years in state government,” says The Daily Astorian. “But we no longer have time to take a wait-and-see attitude on PERS, education, vulnerable Oregonians and our rural, natural resource-based economies.”

“Oregonians are tired of politics as usual.” That’s why The Daily Astorian writes that they “urge a vote for Buehler to lead Oregon.”

“Buehler has showed an ability to make decisions based on the best outcomes for Oregonians — and not always along party lines.”

The Daily Astorian concludes, “Kate Brown has not convinced us that the next four years will be different than her first four years as governor. The next four years under Knute Buehler will.”