What if Crist Hadn’t Repealed Condo Regulation Law?

Photo credit: Joe Raedle, Getty Images

An investigative report from NBC 6 yesterday has raised serious questions about whether the collapse of the Surfside condo tower could have been avoided if then-Governor Charlie Crist had not signed a 2010 law repealing regulations that required condo associations hire experts to evaluate building repair costs every 5 years.

And Charlie really doesn’t want to talk about it…

Tallahassee Democrat & Sarasota Herald-Tribune: “His campaign did not provide a comment for this story.”

Associated Press: “Rep. Charlie Crist, a Democrat hoping to challenge DeSantis next year, didn’t respond to requests for comment…”

NBC 6“And we also reached out to then Governor Charlie Crist, now Representative Charlie Crist, and we’re waiting to hear back.”

It’s not the first time Charlie has refused to weigh in on something – he still won’t condemn Ilhan Omar for equating Israelis to terrorists – and it definitely won’t be the last. But Florida voters deserve answers from Charlie, especially when he’s trying to hypocritically lecture others on alleged silence.

“Charlie Crist only wants to talk about his time as governor or the work he’s done to give power to colleagues like Ilhan Omar when it suits him, but Floridians deserve better than that,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “The reality is Charlie Crist failed Florida when he was governor and he’d fail us again if given the chance. The loved ones of those lost at Surfside and voters across the state deserve answers about his repeal of condo regulations in 2010.”