Copy Cat Kate Brown Strikes Again, Copies Knute Buehler’s Plan To End Homelessness In Oregon

Failed Governor Kate Brown once again confirmed that Knute Buehler is the candidate with the big ideas this election. Yesterday, Brown released a “plan” to tackle homelessness in Oregon, weeks after Knute Buehler outlined his plan and made it a “centerpiece of his campaign.” This also comes nearly 60 days before the election and just a week after Brown copied Buehler’s plan to improve Oregon schools.

The problem for Copy Cat Kate? She’s had years to solve homelessness, and under her watch things have only gotten worse. Under Kate Brown, homelessness has increased 100% in some counties. A recent report revealed Oregon now ranks first in homelessness for children, and another revealed that there are now 14,000 Oregonians experiencing homelessness. Oregon​ has one of the highest homeless populations in the country.

Copy Cat Kate has no ideas of her own, so again she’s resorted to copying Knute Buehler. It’s another example of Knute Buehler exercising leadership, while Kate Brown follows from behind.