Cooper Supports Sanctuary Cities, Endangers Safety Of North Carolinians

As governor, Roy Cooper has adopted a lax and dangerous policy when it comes to cooperating with federal law enforcement and enforcing immigration laws. By supporting “sanctuary city”-style policies, Cooper is jeopardizing the safety of citizens and communities across the state.

Cooper embraced policies of the radical left when he vetoed legislation that required sheriffs to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Thanks to this hands-off policy, hundreds of criminal illegal immigrants have been released from jail and back out onto the streets, including violent criminals, domestic abusers, and rapists, who have gone on to commit more crimes.

“North Carolinians deserve a leader who respects their values and works tirelessly to keep them safe,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “Governor Cooper’s reckless support for sanctuary city policies has let violent criminals back out on the street and put North Carolina families and communities directly in danger.”

Hundreds Of Criminal Undocumented Immigrants Have Been Released Under Cooper

Since 2018, Under Cooper’s Watch, North Carolina Has Released Nearly 500 Undocumented Immigrants From North Carolina Jails Despite Administrative Detainers Filed Against Them By U.S. Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE). “Nearly 500 undocumented immigrants have been released from jails across the state in the past ten months despite administrative detainers filed against them by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. WBTV obtained new data compiled by ICE outlining the figures. The data covers Fiscal Year 2019, which began in October 2018 and runs through next month. According to the data, 489 detainers were declined by law enforcement.” (Nick Ochsner, “ICE: Nearly 500 Undocumented Immigrants Released From NC Jails Despite Detainer,” WBTV, 9/19/19)

  • Individuals Released Included Individuals Charged With Sex Offenses, Kidnapping, And Homicide. “According to the new ICE data obtained by WBTV, the nearly 500 undocumented immigrants who have been released in FY19 despite a federal detainer include people charged with sex offenses, kidnapping, arson and homicide.” (Nick Ochsner, “ICE: Nearly 500 Undocumented Immigrants Released From NC Jails Despite Detainer,” WBTV, 9/19/19)

Cooper Vetoed Legislation That Would Have Prohibited Sanctuary Policies In North Carolina

 CNN Headline: “North Carolina Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Sheriffs To Cooperate With ICE”

In 2019, Cooper Vetoed Legislation Which Would Have Required Sheriffs To Notify ICE When They Have Booked An Inmate Suspected Of Being In The Country Illegally. “HB 370 would require sheriffs to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement or face possible removal from office.” (Teo Armus, Jacquelyn Melinek, Elizabeth Thompson, and Colin Campbell, “Senate Passes Bill Requiring Sheriffs To Work With ICE. ‘Unconstitutional,’ Says Governor.,” The Charlotte Observer, 6/24/19)

  • Cooper Vetoed The Legislation And Stated It Was Political; His Veto Affirmed His Strong Support For Sanctuary Policies. “North Carolina’s Democratic governor vetoed a controversial bill on Wednesday that would have required sheriffs in the state to closely cooperate with federal immigration enforcement… Gov. Roy Cooper said in a statement the bill was ‘political’ and using fear to divide North Carolina… Cooper’s veto adds the governor to a growing list of local law enforcement and state government officials who oppose cooperating with ICE within their jurisdictions.” (Chandelis Duster, “North Carolina Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Sheriffs To Cooperate With ICE,” CNN, 8/21/19)
  • Cooper Defended His Veto By Stating That North Carolina Was A “Welcoming” State. “Cooper defended his decision Saturday night while speaking at the 84th Founders Banquet. North Carolina is a welcoming state. We are not going to tolerate discrimination. We want to make sure we send that message out across this country and across the world. And that is why I vetoed this House Bill 370. We have to depend on these legislators to hold it,’ Cooper said.” (“Trump Tweet Criticizes Gov. Cooper Veto Of Bill Threatening Sheriffs Who Decline ICE Detainment Requests,” ABC 11, 8/24/19)

Law Enforcement Associations Have Strongly Denounced Cooper For His Radical Positions In Support Of Illegal Immigration

The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association Supported The Legislation Which Was Vetoed By Cooper. “The association, which opposed the first draft of HB 370, on Wednesday announced its support for a new version that was discussed in a state Senate committee later that day. Previously, the sheriffs’ association opposed the bill because members believed it threatened their operational independence. The association is now satisfied with bill changes that it believes would ‘protect the 4th Amendment due process rights of the person in custody while providing maximum public safety for the community,’ Eddie Caldwell, general counsel for the sheriffs’ group, said in a news release.” (Paul Specht and Teo Armus, “NC Sheriffs’ Association Now Supports Mandate To Help ICE, But Some Sheriffs Dissent,” The News & Observer, 6/12/19)

Fox News Headline: “ICE Warns Illegal Immigrants Facing Murder, Child Sex Offense Charges Could Be Released In North Carolina Sanctuary Cities”

  • ICE Stated That Sanctuary Policies In North Carolina Could Lead To Dangerous Criminals Being Released Onto The Streets. “Illegal immigrants facing charges for murder, child sex offenses, rape, drug trafficking and robbery could be released onto the streets across North Carolina due to ‘sanctuary’ policies that shield undocumented criminals from deportation, federal authorities are warning. The notice comes from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is stepping up its public campaign against sanctuary policies, under which cities and counties refuse to cooperate with ICE detainers. Those detainers are requests for local jurisdictions to notify ICE to an illegal immigrant’s release, and then hold onto them until authorities can take them into custody and deport them.” (Adam Shaw, “ICE Warns Illegal Immigrants Facing Murder, Child Sex Offense Charges Could Be Released In North Carolina Sanctuary Cities,” Fox News, 11/8/19)