Connecticut’s Anti-Business Policies Continue To Make The State’s Jobs Ripe For Picking

Under Failed Democrat Governor Dan Malloy and his Democrat allies’ anti-business policies, Connecticut continues to be a prime target for other governors to poach jobs and business from the state. Enter Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who is in Connecticut this week to seek out businesses eager to move and take advantage of the state’s crushing tax burden, a sky-high deficit, and the highest unemployment rate in the region. Governor Scott has Florida on the right track with jobs, businesses and tourism expanding – but thanks to Dan Malloy and Democrats’ hostile attitude toward businesses, Connecticut just can’t compete.

WTNH-TV reports:

Florida Governor Rick Scott kicks off his trip to Connecticut Monday. Scott has recently been quoted saying his goal is to come to Connecticut to lure businesses back to the Sunshine State.

Governor Scott’s pitch is: Florida has no personal income tax, no estate tax, and it’s a right to work state, so unions are a lot weaker. It’s all designed to appeal to business owners looking for a better business environment.

The reason Connecticut is dealing with huge budget deficits is, there is less tax revenue coming in, so the state desperately needs businesses to stay here…”

With Connecticut Democrats’ job-killing policies resulting in businesses and entrepreneurs fleeing en masse for better climates, it becomes even clearer how desperate Connecticut is for new leadership that will change course and rebuild the state’s economy.