Comparing Bob McDonnell and Martin O’Malley

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is set to deliver “his first major address as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association” Saturday at the Virginia Democrat Party’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.

POLITICO reports that O’Malley’s speech will include a “stinging attack on Republican governors” and will “draw a sharp contrast” between the leadership being delivered by Republican governors and that of the Democrats.

In the spirit of bipartisanship, the RGA has produced a comparison of Republican Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s record and the record of O’Malley.

McDonnell – Budget & Taxes

In 2010, Gov. McDonnell balanced an unprecedented $4.2 billion budget deficit he inherited from Gov. Tim Kaine, current chairman of the Democratic National Committee, without raising taxes. The state currently enjoys a $403 million surplus.

Governor McDonnell also defeated a proposed $2 billion state income tax hike pushed by Tim Kaine before he left office.

O’Malley –Budget & Taxes

In 2007, Gov. O’Malley pushed through a more than $1.3 billion tax increase – the largest tax increase in Maryland state history. O’Malley’s tax hikes included a 20 percent increase to the state sales tax as well as increases to the corporate income tax.

Despite the tax hikes, Maryland still faces a $1.5 billion budget gap.

McDonnell/O’Malley – Economic Development & Unemployment

Virginia’s unemployment rate currently stands at 6.7 percent compared to 7.4 percent in Maryland, and in the highest profile economic development contest between the two states, Northrop Grumman chose to move its corporate headquarters to Virginia.