Colorado Women’s Group Slams Democrat Jared Polis For Using “Brutish Physical Force” Against A Woman

With the media unwilling to hold Jared Polis accountable for his alleged assault of a former female employee, a Colorado women’s group is blasting the Democrat gubernatorial nominee’s “brutish” behavior towards a woman.

In a recent press release, the Colorado Women’s Alliance condemned Polis for using “brutish physical force…against a woman,” while disputing his claim that he’s really just a “victim.”

The release comes a few days after a “close friend” of Polis’s accuser spoke out to corroborate her story and to allege the incident was part of a pattern of “inappropriate” behavior from Polis that he’s been able to cover up by using his “prominent” status and “big-gun lawyers.”

With women leaders and a new source calling out his violent act against a woman, Coloradans can’t afford to ignore the mounting evidence against Polis’s character.