Colorado Democrats Growing Wary Over Jared Polis’ Empty Rhetoric

Colorado Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis continues to struggle on the campaign trail.

Disregarding the “bigger tent” approach of outgoing Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper, Polis has instead hinged his gubernatorial candidacy on consolidating far-left support. To achieve this, Polis has made several pie-in-the-sky promises to his far-left base, while consistently dodging questions about how he would actually pay for them.

But now, “cracks” in this strategy are “beginning to show,” as even left-wing Colorado Democrats recognize that Polis fails “to stand on principle.”  According to one “prominent environmental activist,” it’s impossible to trust “which Jared will show up.”

Having already written off moderate voters, and now increasingly hemorrhaging support from the far-left, Polis’ chances of forming a viable coalition in the general election appears less and less likely.

Denver Post Reports:

“The difference between then and now, political observers say: Polis is running for governor of Colorado.

He enters this week’s Democratic caucus as the clear front-runner in the race, but cracks are beginning to show as his stance on key issues and shifts on policy alienate some party activists.

‘The problem with Jared is I’m not sure which Jared will show up,’ Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, a prominent environmental activist from Boulder, wrote in a Facebook post.


She said she is looking for a candidate ‘to stand on principle.’ ‘I don’t want them to be milquetoast. I don’t want them to be just like a wilting flower,’ she said.”