Colorado Democrat Jared Polis Continues To Excuse Violence Against Women

Colorado Democrat Jared Polis continues to make excuses for inexcusable violence against women.

In an interview yesterday, Polis refused to join Democrat leaders throughout Colorado in calling for Jovan Melton –  a Colorado Democrat House leader and close Polis ally – to resign from his position following reports that he’s been arrested multiple times for domestic violence against women.

Instead of condemning his behavior, Polis deflected and even made excuses for his close ally, arguing the case was “a tough one” because Melton was “young” when he committed the violent acts.

This appalling lack of leadership comes only weeks after the release of a police report detailing that Jared Polis used “brutish physical force” against a former female employee in 1999. Instead of apologizing for physically assaulting a woman, Polis claimed that he was the real “victim.”

Violence against women is never justified. Jared Polis’s failure to recognize that fundamental truth should disqualify him from leading Colorado.