Colorado Dem Gov Primary Grows More Divided As Major Endorsers Pass On Jared Polis

Far-Left Colorado Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis continues to underperform on the campaign trail.

Since entering the race, Polis has been widely heralded as the Democrat front-runner. But, as Colorado Democrats become more familiar with Polis’ radical policy stances, his inability to detail specifics, and his inconsistent empty rhetoric, many major endorsers are opting to support other candidates.

A few weeks ago, the Colorado teachers unions passed on supporting Polis, instead endorsing one of his opponents, Cary Kennedy.

Polis has also failed to gain the endorsements of the many of the most prominent Democrat figures in the state. Former Governor Dick Lamm and former Colorado U.S. Senator Gary Hart have endorsed Mike Johnston. While current Colorado Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper has pledged to remain neutral in the race, he is commonly known to favor another Polis rival, Donna Lynne.

As the major Democrat influencers in Colorado divide their support and financial resources among different candidates, a protracted and divisive Democrat primary appears increasingly likely, further decreasing their chances of retaining the governorship.