Colorado Dem Gov John Hickenlooper Issues Stunning Rebuke of Jared Polis’s Far-Left Extremism

Colorado Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper continues to publicly rebuke the far-left extremism of his party’s gubernatorial nominee, Jared Polis.

Hickenlooper has long been critical of Polis’s far-left policies, asserting that his energy proposals were “radical” and “extreme measures that would drive oil and gas out of Colorado,” while rejecting his proposed tax hikes.

But, even after Polis secured the Democrat gubernatorial nomination, Hickenlooper has remained critical of his campaign. In an interview only a few day ago, Hickenlooper attacked Polis for having not “gotten off on a good foot.”

Now, Hickenlooper is once again distancing himself from Polis’s radical politics, arguing that Democrats can’t “swing way far to the left.”

Hickenlooper has made it clear that he’s not on-board with the radical direction Polis has taken his party. It’s now up to voters to reject Polis’s extremism and elect a pragmatic leader.